Meet our Strategic Design Committee.

Jay Banfield, Chair of Strategic Design Committee, Trustee, P’16, P’20

Cathy Schember, Past Trustee, P’06, P’08, P’12, P’15

Julia Russell Eells, Head of School

Linda Burch, Trustee, P’12, P’17

Ronald Cami, Trustee, P’15, P’16, P'19

Penny Coulter, Trustee, P’09, P’11, P’16

Matt Farron ’98, Trustee

Grant Winfrey ’84, Past Trustee

Nasif Iskander, Assistant Head of School, Dean of Faculty

Alex Lockett, Dean of Students

Michael Holt, English Department, Curriculum Committee

Christina Jacobs, Science Department, Faculty Affairs Committee

Shoba Farrell, Assistant Dean for Professional Growth, Math Department, Student Life Committee

Shreya Gandhi-Gupta ’16

Paul Gross ‘15


Our design team at work.

Our design team at work.