The Four Phases of our Strategic Design Process

University High School is currently in the final phase of an exciting and dynamic two-year-long strategic design process, with the aim of creating a strong but flexible framework in which we will learn, assess, and plan for our school's future. 


learning together

In this first phase of the process, the Strategic Design Committee began a thorough survey of the school’s history and current climate. By investigating exactly where we’ve been, where we are today, and where our community hopes to go in the future, the committee sought to gain a comprehensive view of our school. 


Identifying our Values

During phase two, the SDC honed in on a far-reaching but succinct set of community values to guide their work in establishing a vision for University’s future. By basing our strategic design on the values we all share, University can ensure that we stay a future course that remains true to who we are as an institution and community.


our Vision

With all the pieces that were collected from learning together and discussing our values, the committee set forth a structure by which the school can make strategic goals and decisions both now, for the purposes of this process, and also in the future, as new opportunities and challenges arise.  


our Future

This will be an exciting and evolutionary time for our community, and we look forward to embracing our future, while also staying true to the caring, focused, community that believes in the promise of every student. 


Our Theory of Transformational Education

the people
we seek

We match motivated and curious students with compassionate adults who are skilled educators and experts in their disciplines, creating a community with a rich diversity of backgrounds and life experiences to promote the deepest learning.

The catalytic
context of uhs

Catalyzed by a climate of inquiry and care, and grounded in the belief that interpersonal relationships are the vehicle for learning, our students go beyond acquiring knowledge to true intellectual engagement, applying what they learn in creative and novel ways. In this setting, students invent and sustain their own vision of success. 

our graduates in
the world

Supported by a richly interconnected program that integrates social-emotional and academic learning, students develop a clear sense of their own agency and the foundation for a life of "purpose larger than the self"; what results is an individual with the skill, knowledge, and perspective to confidently and positively engage with the increasingly complex world.