We have an opportunity to reimagine what makes an outstanding school, and we intend to do just that.  

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Welcome to Connect.Invent.Design.

Connect.Invent.Design charts a bold strategic direction for the next era of San Francisco University High School (UHS).

We believe this work positions UHS to be a national leader in shifting school culture, affirming our fundamental commitment to intellectual challenge and vitality while simultaneously responding to the demands and opportunities of today.

By sharing this dynamic vision with both our school community and the broader public, we intend to inform, inspire, and invite others into this movement.


Redefining Excellence

The Latin roots of excellence literally mean “to rise above.” In an educational context, however, “excellence” often gets reduced to receiving the highest grades, the most awards, and the greatest level of prestige – and this is true for both students and schools themselves.

We envision a richer, more multidimensional view of excellence, one that promotes the wholeness of each individual and fosters a purpose larger than the self.


We are dedicated to empowering our students to invent and sustain their own vision of success and sense of purpose, in high school, in college, and throughout their lives.

- UHS Strategic design committee

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Connect.Invent.Design: Ingredients for Excellence

Our vision for excellence infuses every dimension of our strategic design, and the key ingredients throughout are connecting, inventing, and designing. The image of a bridge beautifully and elegantly captures the spirit of these three fundamental elements.


Just as a bridge powerfully connects two distinct locations, we want our students to be adept connectors – of people, of cultures, of ideas – and we want UHS itself to foster meaningful connections with the larger community and the world.


Building a bridge involves innovative, integrative thinking that remains nimble and responsive to community needs and values. We want to equip our students to do that kind of thinking brilliantly, in service of the greater good.


To create a bridge that will endure requires not just a spark of invention, but sustained engagement to fulfill a long-term vision. We want individual students to engage in building a future with a sense of deep purpose at their core, being thoughtful about what really matters to them and the impact they hope to create in the world.


We embrace education as a transformational rather than a transactional endeavor.